VERSATILITY ... TSDF /Fuel Blenders can accept a wide variety of Btu-rich, carbon-based waste. Chances are good that the waste you generate can be processed into Chem-Fuel®. If your waste is greater than 5,000 Btu's/pound - liquids, sludge and/or solids it can be processed into Chem-Fuel®.

CONVENIENCE ... Our TSDF / Fuel Blender network can accept your waste in any amount in the way most convenient to you. Rail, bulk, roll-offs and/or drums. As part of our service, a Cadence team member will work with you to identify which of your hazardous wastes streams can be included in the Chem-Fuel® program.

PROFESSIONAL ... Chem-Fuel® Fuel Blenders in the Cadence network will manage your waste properly according to all applicable Federal and State regulations.

NEARBY ... Most fuel blenders in the Cadence network are conveniently located in the proximity of major manufacturing centers throughout the country. That means that wherever you are, there will likely be an experienced processor close by.

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Cadence nationwide network of TSDF / Fuel Blenders
accept waste in all common forms

TSDF Fuel Blenders in the Cadence network have the experience and technology to process a wide variety of hazardous wastes into the nation's number one cement kiln fuel ... Chem-Fuel®. This network and Chem-Fuel® opens up a new potential of environmentally sound waste management options for waste generators throughout the country. Wastes processed into
Chem-Fuel® can reduce your company's waste disposal costs and support your corporate sustainability goals.

Chem-Fuel® cement kiln energy recovery permanently removes your generated waste from the environment while conserving coal and helping to make the world's most important building product ... cement.

When your waste is used as Chem-Fuel® ...

Thousands of customers across the country work with Cadence approved Fuel Blenders to prepare kiln ready fuel for Ash Grove Cement.

Cadence Chem-Fuel® TSDFs / Fuel Blenders.
Nearby and ready to serve your needs.


Generators benefit through Cadence's nationwide network of carefully selected TSDF / Fuel Blenders.

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