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Whatever solid hazardous wastes your facility generates, Cadence can offer you a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution.
Our nationwide network processors are located near the industrial centers of the country so chances are one is nearby.

We are ready to let our experience go to work for you
using your solid hazardous waste as fuel in one of the nation’s most advanced cement kilns.

The result is low cost, near by disposal that uses 100% of your waste as energy or raw materials to make cement.

Once your waste enters our system it is

No leftovers …

Nothing to landfill.

And no future liabilities
for you.

If you generate solid hazardous waste,
our S-Blend program may be your BEST disposal option.

Simple and effective solution for solid hazardous waste disposal.

One of our nationwide network of TSDFs can collect your waste and package it in an
S-Blend FuelPack, ready for use as energy in an Ash Grove cement kiln.

S-Blend FuelPacks staged on pallets
ready to head to the kiln for use as energy

Good for the environment ...
Each FuelPack is used as energy in place of coal. For every FuelPack used, a like weight of coal can stay in the ground.