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At Cadence, we are specialists
in fast turnaround hazardous
waste analytics.

Every day our professional team performs a variety of complex analysis protocols accurately and in record time, ensuring your wastes fit our profile and move through our system quickly.

Our more than 40 years experience enables us to provide fast and accurate chemical compositions
for both liquids and solids.


Inductively Coupled Plasma Metal Analysis

Atomic Absorption Mercury Analysis

Gas Chromatograph PCB Analysis

Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry Volatile --and Semivolatile Organic Analysis

Chloride Titration

Cadence operates two state-of-the art analytical laboratories ... one in Foreman, Arkansas and one in Chanute, Kansas.
Both labs are equipped with the latest technology and staffed with fully trained professional chemists.

Our labs can quickly and accurately analyze waste to ensure they meet the standards for the nation's number one alternative cement kiln fuel ... Chem-Fuel®.

BombCalorimiter LabMachine1 LabMachine2

Karl Fischer Moisture Titration

Parr Bomb Calorimeter for BTU content

pH level via dual channel pH meter

H2S and HCN content

Radioactivity via Geiger Counter

Our lab facilities feature the very latest in analytical technology and services including ...