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Mixing Air is a significant advance in the area of cement kiln emissions reduction.

Operational tests and actual operating data have shown that Mixing Air can reduce NOx emissions by 50% while significantly reducing SOx, CO and other emissions.

Here's How ...

Higher temperature oxygen-rich gasses tend to travel along the top of the kiln while cooler, carbon dioxide-rich gasses tend to travel along the bottom. When Mixing Air is added, stratified kiln gasses begin to rotate and mix. This rotation improves combustion, serves to reduce emissions and improves the overall stability of the kiln.

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An actual Mixing Air Installation.

Mixing Air Technology can be easily installed on Preheater/Precalciner as well as Long kilns. In addition to emissions reduction, Mixing Air can increase clinker production by as much as 11% because of increased kiln stability.


The significant emission reduction results speak for themselves. To find out how this technology can benefit your kiln, contact Cadence for a complete technology profile.

NOxReduction SOxReduction

This chart, drawn from actual operating data, shows the significant drop in NOx emissions produced by Mixing Air Technology.

Better combustion resulting from the application of Mixing Air also significantly lowers SOx emissions.