Thanks to Cadence's innovative technologies, Chem-Fuel® can be used in many forms from solid to liquid and virtually everything in between. This means that more generators from a variety of industries can take advantage of Chem-Fuel's® environmental and economical benefits.

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In 1975 Cadence was the first to use carbon rich waste as fuel in cement kilns.Today, this fuel called Chem-Fuel® has helped industries large and small manage their hazardous wastes in the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible way possible. Since Chem-Fuel® replaces coal and other fossil fuels, these non-renewable resources can stay in the ground.

The Nation's Number One
Alternative Cement Kiln Fuel

Chem-Fuel®... good for industry. Good for the Environment.


Chem-Fuel® sludges and other bulk solids typical of refinery waste become part of the KalcinerDirect® program. They're off-loaded and pumped directly to the advanced downdraft calciner on the Ash Grove Cement kiln in Foreman, Arkansas.

The Nation's leading
refinery waste disposal option.

Truck off-loading
refinery waste in bay

Refinery waste is pumped directly up the tower to the "Downdraft" calciner where it is used as energy.


Cadence has the perfect program for ANY type waste stream you generate.

100% of your waste is used for energy recovery.

is left over.

is landfilled.

Bulk liquid Chem-Fuel®
off-loading terminal

Chem-Fuel® S-Blend solids
packed in kiln-ready pails.


Cadence has multiple and effective programs for a variety of alternative fuels.


Your liquid wastes are unloaded into modern blend tanks where it is blended into Chem-Fuel®, the nation's leading waste-derived fuel.